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On saturday the 13th of july I was present at European Championship 2019 – Maarsbergen Horse Trials. I’ve photographed both the Juniors and the Young riders competing at the cross country day

How do you order?

You can order directly at Oypo. When you found your picture you can click on it and then push the button “order your products”. Then you can choose various products, including downloads.

Do you also have no….?

If you don’t find photos of you in the links above i must have missed you sadly. Everything is online now! If it’s not on Oypo I don’t have it!

Want more than 3 pictures?

If you would like to buy more than 3 pictures of one combination you can buy a package. You’ll get all the pictures (original size!) I took of one combination (rider+horse) for only 15 euro.

You can order that package by sending an email to, please tell me what starting number you where. Did I also get you somewhere in the audience or at the training area, please let me know. You’ll get those too! I’ll try to send them as quick as I can, I’ll reply your email within 24 hours.


Young Riders

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